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• Hanging Style JourneyMarkers include your own Personalized Mile Markers strung on a poly-rope with wood net buoys used as spacers. Each JourneyMarker is topped with a directional sign and anchored with a block of stained cypress wood.

• Each JourneyMarker is hand-made and protected with three layers of paint.

• All the Mile Markers are double sided allowing for 360º viewing.

• We calculate the mileage to all your favorite places. Calculations are done two ways; "as the crow flys" for further distances you would normaly fly to and driving mileage, which are places you would normally drive to.

• 16 colors & 3 Fonts to chosse from.

Our Hanging Style JourneyMarkers Make Any Backyard Or Porch More Inviting!

Simple Assembley In 5 Minutes

$129 For A 5 Mile Marker Set Up
Additional Mile Markers $20 Each