Our Post Style JourneyMarker measures 6 Feet tall and comes with seven mile markers for you to personalize.

The mile markers are assembled to the post using dowels. This allows for you to customize the way it looks by being able to move the mile markers up and down. You can also angle them to give a more 2 dimensional look.

Included with the post is a directional topper and an 18" stake for use if you want to stick the post in the grass or sand.

If you want to display your JourneyMarker on a patio surface, discard the stake and instead use a large planter with rocks as a base.

Mile marker signs are attached to the post using dowels on an angle, allowing you to move them up or down. It also gives it a more 2 dimentional look.
The mile marker signs are 24" long and are laser etched for a stand out look. Choose from three distinct fonts.


Optional 18" Stake