Sample Colors & Texture
We Have Over 20 Colors To Choose From
Our Classic Hanging Style JourneyMarkers make any backyard or porch more inviting!
• Our Island Style  JourneyMarkers™ include your own Personalized Mile Markers strung on a poly-rope with yellow net buoys used as spacers. Each JourneyMarker is topped with a directional sign and anchored with a round fisherman’s float.

• Each JourneyMarker is hand-made and protected with three layers of weather resistant paint.

• All the Mile Markers are double sided allowing for 360º viewing.

• We calculate the mileage to all your favorite places. Calculations are done two ways; "as the crow flys" for further distances you would normaly fly to and driving mileage, which are places you would normally drive to.

To View A Close Up Of An Island Style JourneyMarker Click Here

Introducing ...Cabin Style JourneyMarkers

Brand new in 2011 are our earth toned, Cabin Style JourneyMarkers. Not as colorful as its counterpart, the Island Style, but every bit as whimsical! Perfect for the lake cabin!